Start Date : August 2018

Due to the great efforts of Mr. Vikram Chogle and other RiverMarchers , MCGM in August 2018 provided an artificial pond inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park for immersion of Ganapati idols.  River Marchers enthusiastically created awareness and diverted all the devotees towards the artificial pond where excellent arrangements were made for the devotees to perform puja of the idols and were immersed in the pond with great religious fervor.  Atleast 650 idols were immersed in the pond thus reducing the pollution of Dahisar river in a big way.  

In September 2019 too MCGM built an artificial pond outside Sanjay Gandhi National Park near the Car Park.  This time too River March volunteers diverted all the devotees toward the pond and about 450 idols were immersed in the same.